Top Web3 Influencers

Top Web3 Influencers

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Top Web3 Influencers

George shares the best Metaverse crypto projects to get into. Their ecosystem, metaverses, games and what are things going on in the space.
CAGYJAN one of the top Play to earn influencers – he livestreams and does video content on gaming metaverse land such as Axie Infinity, Illuvium and Aavegotchi. And tutorials on how to buy land.
On Chain Gaming talks about which land in the Metaverse to purchase that could make you a millionaire! His insights on the Metaverse is something you would want to consider as he is highly regarded as a Play-to-earn YouTuber.
The Bitcoin Express shares about how to invest in the Metaverse and what are the upcoming Metaverse projects you should be investing in. He shares about betting on which ecosystem on which people will be living in or using in the future. He breaks down on viewing the top Metaverse coins on CoinGecko.
Weekly Metaverse updates addressing recent updates to Metaverse platforms such as Earth2, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Nextech AR & More.
Cameron Fous shares the upside potential on what he thinks are the top 3 Metaverse Crypto gaming projects.
Meet Kevin talks about the use case and the future of Metaverse being the next step of the internet. He also shares about who is hoping on the Metaverse such as Disney, Sk Telecom, Cesium, and Nvidia. Almost all companies are starting to pay attention to this space to share their vision on the Metaverse.
A Chain of Blocks hasn’t invested in any Metaverse tokens yet but have some recommendations on what could be the next Metaverse tokens to invest in.
With the crypto metaverse now exploding, Altcoin Buzz covers Top Metaverse Altcoins and Decentraland vs Sandbox. What would be your take after watching the video?
With the crypto metaverse now exploding, Altcoin Buzz covers Top Metaverse Altcoins and Decentraland vs Sandbox. What would be your take after watching the video?
Ex-financial advisor Humphrey Yang explains what is the Metaverse and talks about how to invest early into the Metaverse and list potential companies.
CryptoSatche breaks down his top 7 virtual lands and how to apply his strategy to flipping assets.
Paul Barron talks about the exploding Metaverse. And going through the must haves and his portfolio on the Metaverse.
Michael Wrubel issued a complete guide on how to get into the Metaverse and how it will make you a millionaire. Want to be a millionaire? Be sure to check out the guide!
Bryanrosswins with a following of 151.7k and 1.4M likes, makes TikTok videos on crypto updates and recently have been talking about the Metaverse.
Scott Melker is The Wolf Of All Streets. He is the author of the popular Wolf Den Newsletter and host of the industry leading “The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast.” Crypto trader and investor.

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