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Top NFT Collectors on Twitter

While most people watch TV at night, Farzin spends most of his nights buying NFTS. The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, Disaster Girl meme, and the digital original of Kevin Roose’s New York Times column, “Buy This Column on the Blockchain!, are few of his NFT possessions. He spent nearly $1 million for two pieces: The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme and two pieces from 4Chan meme and spent $700,000 for The New York Times article.
Cozomo de’ Medici an Italian banker and politician who established the Medici family as effective rulers of Florence during much of the Italian Renaissance. His power derived from his wealth as a banker, and he was a patron of arts, learning and architecture.
Starry Night
Starry Night Capital is a fund founded by Three Arrows Capital’s CEO, Su Zhu, and co-founder, Kyle Davies, with NFT collector Vincent Van Dough, dedicated to collecting premium non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Starry Night Capital has spent 1,800 ETH for ArtBlocks from Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers collection.
He is a vocal proponent of CryptoPunks and the value they bring to the Metaverse and is a pioneer in using it as an avatar, describing their utility as social Proof of Stake. 4156 believes that owning a punk is the equivalent of a $1.2+ million bond that is trustworthy across the Metaverse
Bharat is a self-proclaimed decentralized maximalist and investor. His first on-chain purchases were back in 2018. However, he got into NFTs and the digital art scene in Q4 2019.
This punk has 4 attributes, one of 1420 with that many.
Notable Purchases/Pieces: (1,000 ETH) Fidenza #313
(336.529 ETH) summer.jpg by XCOPY

NFT Whale Buyers

Notable Purchases/Pieces:
  1. (300 ETH) Fidenza #607
  2. (100 ETH) Fidenza #364
  1. Collection: OpenSea 1 & OpenSea 2
  2. Notable Purchases/Pieces:
    1. (450 ETH) CryptoPunk #1886

NFT Whale Buyers

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