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Top Financial Influencers “Finfluencers”

Top Financial Influencers “Finfluencers”

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Top Financial Influencers on Youtube

Stephan’s main YouTube channel, Graham Stephan, has over 1 million subscribers and focuses on his experiences in the real estate industry. It’s earned him, on average, $81,428 a month in 2019, though the most he’s made in one month from the channel is $136,330.
Meet Kevin Paffrath became a Realtor & bought his first home and later numerous rental homes. 2 years later, he became a real estate broker & is now a self-made millionaire with a net worth of over $20 million. He now shares his knowledge through YouTube.
Alex Becker is an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker, who is well known as the powerful entrepreneur behind the successful brands like Source Wave and Market Hero. He is also known for his YouTube videos and Shopify training programs, where he teaches about entrepreneurship and marketing.
Andrei Jikh is a YouTube creator who films videos about personal finance and cryptocurrency. Jikh started posting finance videos to YouTube in 2019 and now has about 1.7 million subscribers. He spoke with Insider about how he’s made over $1 million on YouTube from ads.
Valuetainment is now referred to as the best channel for entrepreneurs with weekly How To’s, Motivation and interviews with celebrities. About PBD: During the Iranian Revolution of 1978, Patrick’s family had to escape to survive and ended up living at a refugee camp in Erlangen, Germany.
An inspiring channel for those who are seeking growth.
Anthony Pompliano is an entrepreneur and investor who has built and sold numerous companies, run product and growth teams at Facebook and Snapchat, and invested over $100 million in early-stage technology companies. He also produces the crypto newsletter, “Off the Chain.”
Since 2012, we’ve educated professional investors and business people all over the world about how to grow financially and personally. Hosted by Stig Brodersen and Trey Lockerbie, “We Study Billionaires” is the #1 stock investing podcast worldwide with over 50 million downloads and counting.
Mrs. Dow Jones is a finance lifestyle brand that makes Keeping Up With the Dow Joneses as fun as Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Subscribe for my weekly videos (mostly on Thursdays) that break down all things Wall Street, lifestyle & money using humor + pop culture! Oh and don’t forget- stay rich, bitch!
Hey! I’m Sara Finance. My goal is to help you reach your financial goals. I’ll go into details about my experience with entrepreneurship, dropshipping, investing, making money online & other side hustles! I’ll be posting new videos every week.
Humphrey Yang ex financial advisor (Series 7, 66) and previously worked on monetizing the top mobile game in the world. I’ve also started a couple of businesses that generated 7 figures worth of sales. I LOVE explaining things simply, so if you want difficult financial concepts made easy in layman’s terms, I’m here for you.
Real Vision™ is where you can gain an understanding of the complex world of finance, business and the global economy with real in-depth analysis from real experts.

Top Financial Influencers on Tiktok

Austin is a graduate from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s in Finance. While at UT, he took courses focused on financial analysis and accounting, risk management, and equity research. Outside of the classroom, Austin served as Treasurer of All Campus Events, VP of Philanthropy for the Delta Kappa chapter of Beta Theta Pi, and as a Resident Assistant.
Sustainable and green investing, stocks, crypto, #bitcoin, NFTs. Invest with the future of the 🌍 and your 💰 in mind. 400k on TikTok/IG 🚀
Yourrichbff started seeing SUPER sketchy financial advice going around during a time when people were desperate to make ends meet. It really disgusted me that people were preying on those who were vulnerable and in duress, so I took it upon myself to start providing financial literacy for free in bite-sized pieces on Tiktok.
Taylor Price is the founder of Fifecta, formerly TAP Intuit, which is a mobile app that keeps you connected to your financial health, helping you make smarter money moves and grow over time wealth with tools.

Top Financial Influencers on Linkedin

Dave Ramsey built wealth in the real estate world before becoming one of the biggest personal finance personalities in the U.S., with an estimated net worth of $200 million. His radio show, website and overall philosophy focus on eliminating all debt sources — including mortgages and student loans — as quickly as possible.
Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host, Number One NYTimes Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and America’s Most Trusted Personal Finance Expert.

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