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Every cryptocurrency investor needs to stay updated with the latest news in the crypto world. The easiest way to stay involved in the blockchain community is to follow and support crypto influencers on Youtube. These content creators are always pumping out great videos to entertain and educate investors. Crowdcreate has previously covered some great Youtubers to follow for blockchain content, but here we’ll dump a huge list of high quality content creators from our massive crypto influencer network. Definitely follow these crypto influencers and support thought leaders in the crypto community. We update this list regularly.

Top Crypto Influencers on Twitter

Sheldon Evans is a long time player in the influencer space. He predates many cryptocurrency content creators with a starting date of 2014. His videos aren’t limited to cryptocurrency. If you are looking to start investing in businesses or want to create money-making habits, Sheldon Evans is your guy.
If you like playing the market, you need to check out CryptoBusy. CryptoBusy is an up-and-comer, having started in 2017. They’ve exploded in a short time due to their risky but highly profitable analysis on altcoins. They often buy dips and sell on surges, focusing on profitability and long term gains.
JRNY Crypto started his channel in 2017 and quickly rose to prominence as a trusted source of new altcoin investments. He brought popularity to coins such as Sparkpoint and Uniswap
BitBoy Crypto AKA Ben Armstrong is the largest crypto channel on YouTube. He posts the latest news and views about the crypto market as well as trading tricks you can implement to get high returns and limit significant losses. He’s been around since 2012.
Brian Jung made a mark in the financial influencer space in 2015 by teaching young investors about running a business, credit, and personal wealth management. He is an accomplished entrepreneur having successfully opened companies like The Credit Society.

WhalePanda is a staple of the crypto-Twitterverse. Not only his content funny, with plenty of hot takes, but he also calls out bad signals and makes honesty a forefront of his platform. It also helps that he’s part of the earliest waves of adoption, having purchased his first Bitcoin in 2013.

The head honcho at The Defiant, Camila Russo has a long history in finance having served as a writer at Bloomberg News. Camila’s Twitter feed is filled with amazing talks, technology introspective, and a plethora of interactions with other members of the crypto space.
Data Dash is best described as a one-stop shop for beginners looking to invest in cryptocurrency. His informative content includes data analysis on market trends, as well as narratives on break out companies. His message on ignoring hype and holistic evaluation of companies make trading easy for newcomers.

Coin Bureau creates content that dives deeper than your traditional crypto-investing analysis. His videos go deep into the likes of company history, product application, and real-world implications of altcoins and connects it to lessons on investing in crypto.
Having started in 2013, Ivan on Tech is a recognized leader in both the trading and development of cryptocurrencies. He is well known for his hot takes, unique trading style, and of course, debating Peter Schiff.
Boxmining started his channel during the 2017 boom, and quickly rose to prominence amongst young investors looking to learn the cryptro-sphere. His videos surrounding his top picks come only second in creativity to his cryptocurrency vlogs. His love for talking about cryptocurrency has earned him debates and fireside chats with industry leaders like Bobby Lee and Changpeng Zhao.
Lark Davis has years or history in the investment space, starting off with stocks and moving into cryptocurrency during the mind 2010’s. His crypto courses are jam packed with information on how to read graphs, research into companies, and make those important investment picks. New investors and old alike have something to learn from the CryptoLark.
My name is Tyler Swope. First thing I should tell you– I’m a die-hard crypto investor. I also have a passion for writing, editing, and producing videos. I started investing in bitcoin, in late 2013 and have since grown my diverse crypto portfolio to moonshot levels by investing in Ethereum, Chainlink, MakerDao, 0x protocol, and more. The blockchain, the tech I have coveted for 5 years, is getting woven into the fabric of everyday life. Watch as I spread my knowledge and take crypto reviews and information to the next level. Initiate Chico Crypto!
Welcome to Crypto Love! I’m Randall, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2017, around the same time I started this channel. On this channel, I will share my views on Bitcoin, altcoins and the general crypto market, with the aim of spreading profitable knowledge. Hopefully, we can have a few laughs along the way because as they say, “If it ain’t fun, what’s the point.
Aimstone’s goal is not only to make you proficient at trading and researching early companies, he wants you to also understand the fundamentals of economics. His most popular videos are documentary and lecture style videos on how the dollar works and the ownership of value. Watch out for his signals and his evaluation on chart trends.
Hashoshi’s channel is all about free education and helping the public adopt blockchain. His information covers cyber-security, device protection, as well as top altcoin picks for those looking to invest. His content covers a great amount of topics as well as techniques for making your time in cryptocurrency as comfortable as possible.
Philakone is an up and comer in the cryptocurrency space. He has a long history day trading stocks and making high performance portfolios backed by analysis. His entertaining analysis of market trends makes for both entertainment and education. Watch his journey as he dives back into altcoins after a long hiatus!
Crytonauts wants to make learning about cryptocurrency easy. Their videos contain information on a multitude of topics. From the basics of blockchain, to the implications of adoption by financial giants, Crytponauts not only informs but educates the general public.
Louis Thomas is a veteran of cryptocurrency content. Having started his channel in 2015, he is one of the first to provide information on how to trade and understand the market. He is also a very early adopted of altcoins, making his advice and content a solid choice for people diving into diversification.
Cryptobud is another pioneer in the cryptocurrency influencer space, having started in 2015. Cryptobud is known for his early price predictions as well as lecture style videos explaining the tech behind the coin. If you are looking to understand concepts like master nodes or token swapping, Cryptobud is a good place to start.
If you like math and logic, Jason Pizzino is your man. He loves to talk about the fundamentals of blockchain trading and altcoin investing. The best part about Jason Pizzino’s channel is his topic surrounding how to deal with your crypto investments. Anybody that has made a profit knows how confusing dealing with taxes and legality when it comes to investing. Let Jason help you out.
Noaty Crypto is slightly different from his crypto influencer competitors because he is focused on company news. If you want deeper understanding of why a coin forked, or the drama behind a proof of concept, Noaty Crypto can guide you through the complicated social parts of crypto.
Underneath the professionalism, Faares Quadri is just another guy. Having been born to a middle-class family, Faares had to teach himself the basics as well as the advanced techniques of investing. Young entrepreneurs can connect with his savvy explanations of technology as well as learn from his cryptocurrency trading style.
Marzell Money is all about technicality. If you enjoy the ins-and-outs of trading logic, explanations of trade strategies, and techniques to avoid pitfalls then Marzell is your guy. Learn to avoid fraudulent trading behaviors like pumps, while learning from his altcoin picks and price calls.
If the crypto community could describe Cameron Fous. it would have two words. No BS. Cameron let’s you know that if you’re playing it safe, you should probably go to another channel. However, if you like making quick calls and are always looking for a fast break, Cameron might be your guy.
Karoush AK is not only focused on helping you gain wealth, he is the master of mastering you. From financial wellbeing to physical wellness, Karoush is all about making your life excellent while providing you with excellent trading courses. Help him help you in your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself.
What is more appropriate for bleeding edge tech, than a bleeding edge form of content hosting? Thewolfofbitcoins shows you his lavish lifestyle and how he got there. His content is awesome for teaching your teenage children on how to invest and use cryptocurrency technologies.
CryptoWendy is another early adopter in the cryptocurrency TikTok space. She talks about her experience as a woman in the cryptocurrency world as well as issues such as ownership and identity protection. Those who are TikTok savvy will appreciate her humour as well as informative videos on the blockchain environment as a whole.
CryptoRevolution is a player in the crypto influencer space, focused on day trading and short term gains. He makes price action calls early and often goes against the grain with his unconventional trading style. Experienced traders will have fun learning from an experienced trader with a knack for risk.

Together, we can make this data better, and help each other save time researching.

Please comment below who we should add, as well as any other suggestions, feedback, or revisions to this list.

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