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I've saved hundreds of hours of research, and my calendar is packed with calls thanks to Crowd Insights. It's a no-brainer and the service pays for itself with a single deal closed.

Ishmael Malotra

Service Stacking

Instead of hiring our own virtual assistants to find new potential clients, we outsourced to Crowd Insights. They're fast, efficient, and way better than trying to do things ourselves.

Abigail Fank

HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

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3 strategic partners in 1 month

Emilie G. – Founder & CEO – Gaming Company

3 VC investor meetings in 1 month

Cindy B. – Head of BD – Travel Startup

20 influencers in 3 months

Michael W. – Founder & CEO – Tech Platform

15 angel investor leads in 3 months

Rob S. – Investment Fund – Commercial Real Estate

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Top Crypto Investors

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Our customers have made hundreds of thousands of dollars using our leads

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Every single data company is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

Handpicked Investors

Every single data angel investor & VC investor is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

Handpicked Influencers

Every single data social media influencer is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

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Every single data strategic partner is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

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Every single data buyer is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

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Every single data potential hire and team member is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

Just do it. You can cancel at anytime. Being an entrepreneur means trying out new things to figure out what sticks. Crowd Insights may not work for everybody, but it's been worth it to me just learning who's active in my industry and getting on calls with experts to hear their unique perspectives.

Hassam A.

Travel Rewards Startup

Three Reasons Why Customers Choose Us

Our customers have made hundreds of thousands of dollars using our leads.

1.) We leverage powerful AI data research and human experts

The problem with common lead generation is that they either rely too much on time-intensive manual research, or they just try to scrape the internet for the easiest contacts to find. We combine the best of both worlds.

2.) We can find companies & people that have generated millions

Tired of unqualified contacts that aren’t a good fit for what you’re trying to sell? That’s the problem most business owners face. We can make sure you’re laser targeted with your approach.

3.) We guarantee calls with experts in your industry

The problem with cold outreach and pitching is that 97% of them most likely will not respond to your outbound unless you either have a well crafted pitch message, or a well known person/company in the space. We can guarantee calls with experts in your industry because of our deep network & connections.

We’re finally ready to launch our project and can’t wait to talk to investors and strategic partners. The difference with Crowd Insights are that their lists are expert researched, and I get guaranteed calls every month.

Anthony Hooley

Aqua Libero Project

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My partners and I have been waiting for something like this for the past year with everything going on in the financial markets. This saves me time, and helps me get connected much faster.

John Raymond

The Great Library Project


Our track record of funding over $250 million dollars across multiple industries, our proprietary network and relationships, our high quality expert researched lists, and our experience running similar campaigns; that is the Crowd Insights difference.

We do not guarantee any amount as we only facilitate the introduction.

You can find hundreds of interviews, events, and case studies on our team’s track record. 

Not only are we LP investors in several of the largest VC and PE funds, we’re also angel investors as well.