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Teamwork makes the dreamwork, but only if all team members are aligned and contribute. We don’t claim to be a culture for everyone, but for a specific type of team member that embodies our core values and characteristics.

Characteristics of our Team Members

Little to no follow up is needed. Actually, they’re the ones following up with others.

They take initiative on new tasks without even being told. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve things at the company.

They take leadership and uplift others to get their work done. They know that teamwork makes the dream work.

They won’t stop until the customer is happy. They know that happy customers mean a successful business.

100% perfect attendance at all meetings and work days. They’re dependable, rain or shine.

They are always learning and want to be better than the competitors. They know business is a sport, and we’re here to win.

They move fast with lightning speed. Speed is one of our main advantages here at the company. The best teams move quickly on everything.

They have the ability to learn new skills and execute on them quickly. They know technology moves faster than ever, so is our ability to adapt.

They demand excellence. They expect to win, and even hold other team members accountable.

They set metrics, and hit goals. They know when they are being productive, or just being active. Metrics help figure this out.

They use time blocks to get sh*t done. Parkinson’s law states that work tends to expand to fill the time allotted for it. Time blocks are essential.

They are never “too busy”, and understand every person has 24 hours in the day. When it comes to work, we use a productivity method called “Time Blocking” that some of the greats such as Elon Musk use to tackles many tasks at a time.

They understand we should never be “overwhelmed”. Many things can be automated, removed, or delegated. We classify everything into everything being important and urgent. Those tasks that are important and urgent get handled first, and those that are not important, and not urgent get handled last.