About Us

Crowd Insights provides you with lists of what and who you need to know to help you grow faster and achieve your goals.

Our researched lists have been used and trusted by some of the top companies and people around the world in a number of ways.

Some of the most popular ways include:

  • Finding influencers
  • Raising capital
  • Becoming a better investor
  • Networking for your next job
  • Closing sales deals
  • Building strategic partnerships


And why can you trust these lists? Because they’re curated by a crowd of experts and people just like you who are looking to achieve the same goals.

Here’s the full story about how Crowd Insights….

The world is changing… and it’s moving faster than ever before…

Influencers now have more power than even large corporations to drive visibility and hype to the masses.
VC & Angel investors can provide the capital and connections to grow
Online reviews through word of mouth marketing is the highest converting marketing channel.
Brand collaborations & strategic partnerships are the new way to combine audiences
Figuring who the movers & shakers are to help you grow can take hundreds of hours of research costing you valuable time and money.

We make it easy with Crowd Insights…

What makes our researched lists different? We know what it takes to talk to billionaires, and learn the secrets of the most followed social media influencers around the world.