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Most people & companies spend the majority of their time researching who the top investors, influencers, experts, decision makers, or strategic partners are that they need to go after to grow their business. Then, they send cold outreach messages that get extremely low response rates.

At Crowd Insights, we provide you the connections and research you need to get ahead. We’ve built our own proprietary network and data that you can tap into.

Top Generative Ai Companies
Top Startup Angel Investors
Top Accredited Investor & Qualified Purchaser Investment Groups
Top Generative AI Investors

Top Real Estate Investors

Top Real Estate Investors on Twitter Grant Cardone Grant Cardone is a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, known for his motivational speaking and training

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Top Generative Ai Companies

Top Generative AI Companies

Discover the top generative AI companies and startups driving innovation in personalized content, communication, and creative expression. Explore leading organizations like Edify, Grammarly, and Writer,

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Top Startup Angel Investors

Top Startup Angel Investors

Startup angel investors are individuals who provide capital, mentorship, and connections to early-stage companies, typically in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. Angel investors

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Top Accredited Investor & Qualified Purchaser Investment Groups

Top Accredited Investor

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the world’s top accredited investors and qualified purchasers. This article provides an exclusive list of the most astute and

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Get connected at the click of a button. Identify companies & individuals for targeted email outreach, social media DM’s, or for competitive analysis. Connect with the people that can help you grow.

Get Your Next Round of Funding

Find Investors & Raise Capital

Capital is more available than ever today. You just need to find the right investor that’s looking for your exact deal. However, that’s not easy. You’d have to spend thousands of hours doing the research, and talking to the top deal makers in your industry. We do the hard work for you.

Build your Community

Find Influencers & PR to Build Hype

When we surveyed the top CEOs and founders at the leading Crypto, NFT, Blockchain, and Web3 companies, they said the fastest growth channel is influencer word-of-mouth marketing. Generate hype today.

Leverage Network Effects

Find Companies for Partnerships

Bored Ape Yacht Club partnered with CryptoPunks in NFTs, Adidas partnered with the Sandbox in the metaverse, and Coinbase partnered with Blackrock, whether you’re looking for the next strategic opportunity, or your dream job, do it now.

Identify Profitable Trades

Find Investment Ideas & Trades

Investing is a collaborative team sport. From social media retail investors to VC & Private Equity institutional investors, there are insights and lessons for us to learn from each other. Get connected with these people today.

Stop Wasting Valuable Time

Close More Deals & Save Time Researching

The average person spends about 100+ hours trying to research and find the same information listed in our proprietary database and lists. How much is your time worth? Or better yet, your team’s time? 

Your Next Dream Employer

Find New Employees Or Your Next Job

The job market is challenging. You’re competing against hundreds of other candidates and job opportunities. We help you scale your connections to find both all-star talent, and also find new opportunities.

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We already know that you’ve tried to research this information on your own. You go to Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Social Media, Crunchbase, CB Insights, News Websites, and even talked to dozens of people figuring out who are the best prospects for you to reach out to.

Next thing you know, you’ve spent days to weeks trying to create your own spreadsheets and find email address contact information. You then finally realize there has to be a faster, and more efficient way than you doing it on your own. Well, here it is. Save yourself the time, and get access to our database with the click of a button.

You can even subscribe for free to get notified when the lists are updated, and access free resources on how to use these lists.

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